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Upholstery Cleaning

So, you have finally noticed that your sofa hasn't been cleaned for several years.  You sort of remember how soft and bright the fabric was when you first had it delivered to your home.  Well guess what? Don't feel alone.  Most people forget to get their upholstery cleaned "professionally" at least once a year.  Now of course if this is one of those sofas that you have in that special room that no one ever goes into, and it is just a show piece, then once a year is overkill.  But, if this is the daily chair or sofa you use every day, then you may want to have it checked out a little more often.  Maybe even when you are having the carpets cleaned at the same time.  This will save you money because when we do additional services at the same time, we pass on the savings to you. 

 Now as with our carpet  cleaning system, Chem-Dry's upholstery cleaning is second to none.  As a matter of fact we are the ones that our competitors refer the hard to clean fabrics to.  Haitian cotton, Silk, Cashmere, Microfiber, (otherwise known as Ultrasuede®), Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Wool, Linnen and the list goes on. If we can't clean the piece, no one will. Of course with furniture cleaning there always risks due to the number of crazy blends the designers put together to achieve the ultimate "Look".  Just because it looks pretty doesn't mean it is easy to maintain.  Some fabrics can be a nightmare to clean and in some rare cases, not cleanable at all.  We test all of our upholstery cleaning jobs prior to cleaning so we know what we are going to use on the piece before we begin.  Sometimes this may require a return visit to inspect the tested area to make sure that there will not be any adverse effects to the cleaning process.

But is it GREEN you say?  Yes and no.  Our upholstery cleaning for most synthetic water cleanable fabrics is GREEN, but if you have a fancy silk, linen or pure white sofa that will watermark or brown at the mere sight of water, then we need to get into "Dry" cleaning. Dry cleaning can be expensive as well as not green due to the use of solvents or harsher solutions that may need a little bit of a whitening agent to keep the piece the right color or from water marking.  Let me reassure you that most of the fabrics we clean are of the wet cleanable type and are cleanable with our Green Certified list of cleaners listed on the carpet cleaning page.

Furniture cleaning done right!  The Chem-Dry Way!

We use the best  GREEN CLEANING solutions in the world to get your Sofas, Luv seats,Dining room chairs,
Chaise lounges and whatever other upholstered items you can think of Cleaned.
We do all of our sofa cleaning with specialty tools made just for sofa cleaning.  Special training and the right solutions are what make the Chem-dry difference.